Burgau is located 10 minutes drive west of Lagos in the Algarve Portugal. If you have the ‘Burgau bug’ already then any description will not be sufficient, but peaceful, unspoilt (almost) and friendly is a good place to begin. Its unique charm is the villages ability to appeal to everyone, regardless of age or interests. People who have been once usually come back time after time. It has an X factor that has to be experienced. For those who haven’t experienced Burgau or maybe have been to the other end of the Algarve or have never even been to Portugal here’s the facts.
Burgau can be found about 90km west of Faro Airport. That’s about 1 hour in a car ( shorter if you take a taxi!).

Burgau is nestled on the edge of a national park. It is still a working fishing village and watching the boats bobbing on the moonlit waters is a great sight.

The beach is beautiful and you are awarded a gorgeous sandy blanket on which to wallow away those lazy days. Those that can’t sit still can choose to run/walk up the big hill that is the backdrop to Burgau (see pictures on main page….but beware its bigger than it looks especially if like a mad dog you try it in the midday sun!). Walks are fantastically rewarding around Burgau, try the coastal walk to the next village Luz or the other way to Salema. Anybody that likes to explore can really enjoy Burgau as their base to travel to the west coat (beautiful beaches/surfing). Monchique (mountains/ chicken piri piri) .Sagres (the end of the world/great sunsets)

If lazing around is more your bag then Burgau could be enough for you. The locals are fantastic and friendly and generally speak English, although you will get a bigger smile if you at least try a little of the native language. Every morning if you arise before midday! Then you can stroll to the bus-stop where a market will appear. Every day you can buy something different, clothes, kitchenware, fish, or vegetables etc. The post van even pulls into Burgau every day except weekends. So you really don’t have to leave the village at all! What you will take away if you visit Burgau (along with a suitcase full of local spirits and pottery) is a holiday memory to treasure and more than likely one you will keep returning to mentally or physically.


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